You don’t really ‘need’ god

Photo by Vlad Marisescu on Unsplash

Seriously, you’d be fine without the whole ‘god’ thing in your life. I’m not even being sarcastic here (shocker, I know).

If we’re going to think dualistically about this (which is fine, as a starting point), it actually works the other way around…

God needs us more than we need god.

(There are so many Bible verses that fit here, I won’t even try…)

When I was a kid, I was told the tale that we humans have all of these requirements to meet for God. I pictured this man in the clouds, arms folded with a pissy look on his face just waiting for us to do all the right things and get the eternal nod of approval.

But then I got older and started doing some reading, some contemplating, and having some deeper discussions with people. And here’s what I gathered…

God—not so much a man in the clouds, but rather the impersonal-yet-personal backdrop/ground of life itself — needs us to know how much it loves us so much that it constantly tries to break into our conscious human experience for us to see this.

Now, enough about god. Let’s get back to us (I mean, that’s what really matters, right?)…

In my experience, my inner connection to my life is a lot more solid when I consciously consider the truth of this idea. A big part of me sighs a huge sigh of relief when I recognize this.

I mean, think about it…

How would knowing this (or at least experimenting with this notion) change your posture in life? How would it make you respond to your stumbling and insecurities? How would it make you handle the ups and downs if you knew that the divine loves you no matter how much you and others happen to muck things up?

I mean, maybe not at all, and that’s great. Go live a good life. Like I said, you really don’t ‘need’ God.

But I like to equate it to the relationship between me and my daughter (she’s 5). I hope, she can be independent someday. And she’ll probably (around age 16, I hear) be just fine (maybe even better off, in her mind) without me. But there will come a day when it might make her heart soften if she knew just how much her dad loves her (and how much he wants her to know that). There’s a good chance that would change the way she responds to her life.

And so it is when we speak about the divine itself — always needing, always loving… us.