Religiously indifferent

Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash

There are a lot of people who are religiously wounded.

These people grew up with a sort of toxic, overbearing religion. Their God was an iron-fisted one with a sanctimonious son. This is what drove many of them to deconstruct everything before returning back to faith from a newfound progressive perspective.

I can’t say this has been my experience.

The challenge I face with Christianity isn’t woundedness, it’s indifference.

Sure, the God I grew up hearing about was a judgmental and wrathful white male in the clouds, but my parents weren’t super religious. I don’t think they bought into this version of God, which is why they never pushed it too strongly in my direction.

I never saw God as a threat, but merely as a toxic deity that I saw no use in paying much attention to. Whenever I found myself praying, etc. — it was always to a far kinder presence than THAT asshole they talked about in Catechism (those few times I actually went).

I was baptized, but not confirmed, in the Catholic church. When my mom passed away when I was 16, what little connection I had to the Catholic church was severed (my dad didn’t attend church — period).

When I was coming of age, I was religiously free floating. I gravitated towards SBNR (spiritual-but-not-religious) in my 20’s and enjoyed what I discovered in that area.

A decade later, toward my mid-thirties, the pull towards Christianity became stronger. When I listened to and read Christians that I respected (who were progressive in posture), their messages were far stronger than anything I’d come across in the SBNR world.

Thus began my deconstruction of the SBNR faith (yes, it is one) and my movement towards where I am now.

So, I’m curious… What resembles your experience?

Why have faith in a God I don’t think is real and his so-called son who hung on a cross?

How does any of this prove useful to me as a rational individual?

Homophobia = Religion.

Science ≠ Religion.

Fundamentalism = Religion.

And more.

However, unlike the religiously wounded, we religiously indifferent people don’t respond with as much rage as we do an attitude of, psssht — why would I ever need THAT stuff in my life?

And so, for me, it was kinda like saying, my parents never made me eat broccoli when I was a kid, why pick it up in my late 30’s?

However, if they’re like me, something might pull them. Either they experience deep suffering or they hear a perspective that opens up something new for them (as it did for me).

ANYHOW, this is not a piece about anything other than my reflection on how I came to this raucous ancient conversation we call the Christian faith.

Religiously wounded? 
Religiously indifferent? 
Or somewhere in-between or elsewhere?

Leave a response or shoot me a note and let me know.