It’s good to stay (physically) hungry

By Markus Spiske on Unsplash

No, this isn’t some kind of philosophical metaphor about staying motivated. I’m talking about the real deal here — about physical hunger.

My wife and I have been eating a lot of vegetarian stuff lately.

We haven’t necessarily gone totally vegetarian. But it’s been summertime. And when it’s hot, lighter food — and veggies in particular — just feel better.

I’ve been a lifelong carnivore, so this is a new thing for me. What I’m finding is that I’m always a little hungry lately. Like a little hole in my belly goes left unfilled all day.

There’s just something primally fulfilling about staying a little bit hungry.

There’s virtue in inserting some monastic qualities into our cushy western lives.

Many ancient scriptures say that we should keep our bodies a little uncomfortable; you know — sins of the flesh and all.

For an American like myself, it’s refreshing to not go around with a belly that’s crammed full of dead meat all day. When my wife and I do eat fish (about as meaty as we get these days), it’s a huge treat. And come fall, I’ll be ready for a bratwurst or three.

A little physical hunger keeps the inner spirit awake. On its toes.

However, a meat lover's pizza sounds really damn good right now.