What was it like before time?

Photo by me on my iPhone, not on Unsplash

My daughter has a fuzzy concept of time, at best. When she looks at a clock, all she sees are symbols that she can barely recognize or understand the significance of.

Sometimes, when we’re rushing to get somewhere (all the time), I stop and realize she’s looking at me like I’m insane.

Here’s me: “We have to go, like right now — else we’re gonna be late. It’s 8:59 and we’re supposed to be there in one minute.”

Translation to her: “Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah — blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

Her response: “Oh, I have to get my dolly. And my pony. And my notebook. And my…”

Sometimes I flip out a bit. But sometimes, I find the wherewithal to stop and watch her as she gathers the talismans she considers to be essential companions on our impending journey,

and I’m so jealous…

What was life like before we learned the concept of time? To never have to be… anywhere… besides here?

I’m convinced that time is the root of 98.7659% of our stress as humans. We’re always rushing to be here and there. To get it done. To please this person and that person before they grow impatient. To meet that deadline. To get things in order before that shoe falls. To hurry and make our mark while we can. To shovel as much money in our bank account so that we can purchase and consume the things that make us feel worthy before we expire...

(And the poison of the moment...)

To rush the kid to this thing that she gives zero sh*ts about so that I can do something with her that only parents consider important…

She looks at me like I’m absolutely insane. And she’s right.

Screw this thing. If we’re late, we’re late. If we don’t make it, I’m pretty sure that this will lose all significance in about 24 hours time. But for some reason, my adult mind sees it as an essential element to our day. (I mean, it’s been on the calendar for two weeks for chrissakes…)

Ridiculous, isn’t it…

What would life be like if we never felt rushed? If the human construct of time didn’t exist?

Would Amazon Prime have ever been created?
Maybe not.

Would ‘Breaking News’ mean anything to anyone?
Probably not.

Would our civilization as we know it come crashing down?
Probably so.

Would our human experience be entirely different — maybe even unrecognizable?

But maybe that would be okay.

Because right now, it is okay.

The kiddo and I — we’re not going to that thing. 
But we’re here. 
And it’s totally fine.