Every few days (or so)

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

I know… I’ve been a big proponent of the daily thing. I’ve been posting daily(ish) for three years now. Everything I’ve said about it has been true. Writing (and posting) daily has been THE thing that has really made me a writer. It’s helped me refine my voice and connect with a tribe of people as weird as me (yes, that’s probably you).

But now, I’m going to try changing it up. You can expect a post from me every few days (or so). It just feels right. I’m at a place now where I want to hustle less and meander more. I want to stroll, not sprint.

Maybe you can use this little musing of mine as a reason to evaluate where in your life you can go at a better pace. Maybe it’s faster. Maybe it’s slower. Better is the key word.

How many of the intense deadlines you race to meet are set by none other than the one looking back at you in the mirror?

Deadlines are fantastic. Goals are groovy. But only as tools, not masters.

I don’t know — maybe I’ll be back to daily posting lickety-split. But for now, I look forward to a less frequent publishing schedule and more intentional output.

See you in a few days (or so).