Welcome to Cricket Hill (formerly known as Higher Thoughts)

Illustration: Alice Karolina → http://www.alicekarolina.com/

Soooooo, I went and did something awesome. I changed the name of this publication from Higher Thoughts to Cricket Hill.

Why would I do that? Well, here’s what I wrote in the Welcome Page

Cricket Hill is the name of a grassy hill here in Chicago. But not just any grassy hill. It’s a sanctuary of sorts, on the edge of the city. From the top, you can see a little slice of the skyline and Lake Michigan. Many naps have been taken under its trees. Countless kids, both young and old, have laid on their backs and rolled down it. Armies of snow sleds have slid down it. Fleets of kites have flown in the sky above it. Existential crises have been processed during long walks over it.

It’s not particularly stunning. It’s not epic. It’s not Navy Pier or Millennium Park. You won’t see it on any Chicago postcards. But it’s special. Life happens here. Connection happens here. Contemplation happens here. Fun happens here. Laughter happens here. Doubt happens here. Sadness (sometimes) happens here. All of it, on this little hill at the edge of this beautiful city.

This is life, to me. This is faith, to me. Sometimes gloriously sunny and bright, but more often, fairly mundane. Cricket Hill is my place to proverbially lie on my back, stare at the clouds, and rant a little. Or a lot. Depending on the day.

As for what to expect from me, it’s a bit of literary non-fiction with a progressive Christian foundation and a sprinkle of humor thrown in every now and then. I often chronicle my thoughts and musings as I muddle my way through interfaith theology school. (Oh, and it’s also a dad-blog. So, be prepared for that.)

An old one, but one that sums up our relationship as well as any.

Why not Higher Thoughts anymore?

Higher Thoughts was amazing. It was the name of this publication for its first 3 years. I chose it when I had 80 followers and just needed to get something up there. And it stuck.

It was my space to post something short and — dare I say — inspirational, both for myself and for any innocent bystander reading it.

Then it kinda blew up...

I produced two blog-to-books under Higher Thoughts. It became the most popular single-author site on Medium. It compelled me to more deeply explore my spiritual side to the point where I even enrolled in Interfaith Divinity school (which I’m still attending). It eventually brought me and my family to Chicago — the city that my wife and I fell in love in twelve years ago — to help start a New Thought church.

The church and I have since parted ways, but Chicago is a new chapter for me. And so is Cricket Hill.

Cricket Hill lets me relax a bit (in a good way). I don’t feel the intense pressure to produce something epic (a ‘Higher Thought’) every day.

I can meander more. I can play. I can get more personal and tell stories that may have no deeper point whatsoever other than to tell a story and connect with you, dear reader.

I don’t know what’s to come. This is kinda scary. Higher Thoughts was a big thing. Now what?

Right now, I’m not looking at making this thing bigger. I want to go deeper. I want to be more at home with myself, my story, and you, my audience. And if new people show up to fly a kite with me here, all the better.

Welcome to Cricket Hill. I hope you enjoy it.