A case for magical thinking

Photo by Jeff Brown on Unsplash

I believe we live in an interactive universe. I see this world and my experience as a responsive system that talks and listens to me in every moment.

I believe that everything is inherently significant and that the only thing that can rob my life of its significance is my incessant personal thinking.

Is this magical thinking? Oh, hell yeah. I’m at a place now where I can readily admit that I’m unabashedly a magical thinker.

This hasn’t come easy. I was raised in a rational, western, male-dominated household. My dad was a computer programmer from way back in the day (one of the first wave of old school coders #cobol #c++). EVERYTHING had to have a proven, logical outcome.

And so I lived much of my life thinking that way. It served me in a lot of ways, but it also limited me.

Your life is a testament to the premise you’re trying to prove.

Want to prove that the world is a logical, rational place based on self-interest with no magic, no wonder, and no hope?

I think that requires just as much faith as my magical thinking does.

See, I want to prove something else. I want to prove that there is magic. That this responsive universe conspires for me and is hurtling me (and all of us) towards something wider and bigger than anything I can ever imagine.

I want to trust this thing. I want to struggle less. I want to know that dread is not the best emotion to get me where I want to go.

I want to parachute out of that premise into something way more expansive.

This is what makes me excited. It’s the route my internal GPS is signaling that I take.

I think I might see that turn signal of yours on too…