When appreciation and eagerness get together and make out in the forest

“On a forest trail, a woman in flip-flops rises on tip-toes to kiss her man” by Kate on Unsplash

It’s one of humanity’s greatest conundrums…

Should I be grateful for what I have or demand more out of life?

Should I be all-accepting or follow my bliss?

Should I count my blessings or rage against the dying of the light?

Get this…
How about all of it?

See, the ego works in either/or. It makes us think we have to choose. It splits our minds and divides our experience. It throws up walls wherever it can on a whim.

The spirit — our inherent creative nature — kicks open doors and functions from a place of both/and. It unites our hearts and minds.

So let’s open this thing up, shall we?…

A rich life is lived by holding a deep appreciation for what is without losing an ounce of eagerness for what’s coming.

When you remove the barriers between appreciation and eagerness, they can meet at the edge of a trickling stream in the forest and make out.


Yes, and yes. 
Thank you, and please. 
I’m open to so much more, but I’m totally good right here.

There’s plenty of room for all of it.