Drop it on down to anahata

Photo by Morgan McDonald on Unsplash

It’s going to be hard for me not to make this woo-woo #af, so I’ll just say it…

It’s amazing how differently your words come out when you envision them coming out of the center of your chest — your heart area — as opposed to your mouth.

I don’t know a hell of a lot about chakras, but Anahata is a powerful one (not gonna lie, I had to Google ‘name of heart chakra’ to get that).

This is extremely useful in a multitude of ways…

When you have to tell your 4-year old daughter to stop interrupting daddy in the middle of client calls, you sound like less of a jerk when you drop the words on down to anahata (totally going with the chakra lingo here).

When you have to draw a firm boundary with a relative who you really like but is just a liiiittle passive aggressive and enjoys those head games a bit too much, you draw the boundary with compassion when you drop it on down to anahata.

And yep, it works with writing too…

When you have copy to write and you’re up against a deadline (or four), the words come out with more warmth and resonance when you — you guessed it — drop it on down to anahata.

When you have a piece to write about a controversial subject and you’re terrified of offending people, but you really want to make your point in a strong way — drop it on down.

I mean, might as well, right? You’re going to use the words anyways. Might as well drop ’em on down to the heartspace so they come out in a more powerful way.