Empty platitudes

I was struck today by a deep insight that I love what I do for a living at the moment. Here’s what lead to that epiphany…

I was scrolling around on Instagram (like ya do) and stumbled into the spirituality section where I found someone who’s images looked interesting enough, headed over to their profile page, thumbed through some of their posts, and here’s what I saw…

Quote-image after quote-image of statements like (and I quote, directly)…

Don’t listen to what other people think.

Be kind.

Do what you love.

Dreams come true.

Have a brave spirit.

Damn it… I’m so. 

Not that this stuff is bad or harmful or anything of the sort. I’m sure he’s a good guy who’s trying to spread a positive message(?).

It’s just that I so often see the same recycled drivel in the spirituality space that has about as much depth and complexity as a potsticker (with no soy sauce).

Then I start wondering if I’m doing the same thing. Am I caught up in this death loop of empty platitudes and feel-good fluffery that one can easily find themselves in when they have their heads so high in the clouds that they lose consciousness from extreme spiritual boredom?

See, this publication is my space (no, not MySpace — I wish it were that much fun) to explore spirituality and the deeper matters of my life. I give myself the freedom to do that here.

But it’s times like these where I’m SO happy that I have a line of work where I can sit down and work with people who are creating real businesses and projects in the physical world (just so happens that, because I write often about spirituality and such, I attract clients who are more aligned with my values). Where I can obsess over their stuff rather than my own inner wonderings and ponderings for awhile.

It keeps me grounded.

We must stay grounded. And if we find ourselves bored with our writing, we must mix it up and step out of context.

Good writing comes from friction in daily life. In trying new things. In getting out of our own heads so we can take a breath.

It’s something I have to remind myself of often.

Now… Go live your dreams.