Be a partner with fate (rather than its victim)

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

We really are just making it all up...

Yes, sure, you can walk through life with the belief that everything that happens is random circumstance. That you’re just a helpless victim in this random, non-caring, shifty universe. You can defend and uphold that worldview to the death…

But is it worth it?

I mean, may as well switch it up, right? I don’t know if this serves anyone. And is it really provable? Are you sure you’re right?…

Try this, instead. Just for a week.

Tell yourself that everything in life — no matter how horrible it seems (but don’t forget the good stuff as well) — is conspiring in your favor.

Adopt the worldview that all of it — even seemingly unconnected events — have meaning. Create situations as you need them and know that you are a partner with fate rather than its victim.

Become a conspirator with fate. Collaborate with it.

Think it’s just coincidence that you’re reading this?

I’ll let you answer that.