A gigantic thank you (and happy March!)

Photo by Robbin Huang on Unsplash

I don’t know how long this has been the case, but I recently discovered that Higher Thoughts is the #1 (largest) single-author publication (48th overall) on Medium (at least, according to this).

So, obviously, I owe a huge thanks to you, dear reader. Thanks for supporting and sharing my words. It means the world to me. This publication is my life’s work and I measure its success by how well it resonates with you.

You may have noticed that I started to stray away from spirituality around the beginning of the year, but you may have also noticed that I just couldn’t stay away long.

(Kind of a bummer because I think I may have scared some folks away.)

It’s interesting… Like I wrote about here, sometimes (especially when we’re stressed), we unconsciously try to run back to a previous version of our lives because it’s familiar. But when we get there, if we’ve truly grown, we find that we don’t quite feel comfortable there anymore.

That’s what happened to me. Thanks for sticking with me through that. I truly see no separation between spirituality and creativity (or any other aspect of life, in fact). I see no separation between my life as a professional copywriter and my emerging one as an interfaith minister. I now understand that I don’t have to pick and choose one or the other. They’re both part of the spectrum that is my life. And that’s awesome. I hope you don’t mind me sharing both sides as I know you have more than one side to the coin that is your life as well.

You were born a spiritual, creative being. No matter how much you may have told yourself otherwise doesn’t change the truth of that.

So there it is, friends. I’m going to keep spreading the good news. And if you care to get my short daily missives in your inbox rather than rooting around on Medium, click here to subscribe.

What I’m Reading Now

Handbook to Higher Consciousness
by Ken Keyes

Ok, I literally just got this book today, so I have no idea what to say about it. It’s the next book in my ministerial training, so I’ll be reading it if you care to follow along and let me know your thoughts. Ken Keyes Jr. was an interesting character, for sure, so I’m excited to see what kind of ride he takes me on here.

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As always, until next time…