Losing the argument against life isn’t really losing

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash


So many of us have a certain kind of inner debate going on in our heads. If you’re like me, maybe you grew up poor, bullied, or worse.

In this inner-debate, we plot ourselves against our life/God/the universe/etc. (I’m just going to call it ‘Life’ with a capital-L for now).

So in our mind, there we are on one side determined to be the one who’s right (because it’s all about ‘winning’ in the ego’s world, isn’t it?) and there Life is in the opposite corner of the ring.

What we hope to win in this insane argument is an acknowledgment from Life that we don’t have what we need. We shake our fist and claim that we’re lacking, we’re permanently broken, and thanks to this, we have no choice but to continue on this path of struggling and striving to just carry on in the world as we always have.

As disempowering as this debate obviously is (when seen with a calm mind), to the ego, it’s empowering. This is because, by ‘winning’, it’s off the hook. A true victim is helpless. Why even try? We can remain in our illusory separated state from Life itself. Might as well just be pissed and bitter and… right.


But let me ask you something…

What if we lost this argument against Life? What if we were wrong? Would we actually have lost?

I like to imagine, when ‘losing’ this argument, Life speaking back to me and saying something like…

I’m sorry you ‘lost’, good friend. In fact, the only losing that happened is in your head. Because in reality, you just claimed your spiritual inheritance.

You and I are inseparable. You may have found yourself in the midst of physical and/or mental lack. But the story that surrounds it is entirely made up and perpetuated by you who clings to ‘being right’.

Be wrong, friend. Surrender this story. Lay down your shield from me — your Life — and let me in.

You have all you need. Lay down the argument and find yourself at home in your true inheritance as a natural-born empowered being this very instant.

There’s life coursing through our veins. We have beating hearts. We have breath. The future is unwritten.

I know I totally made that little monologue up, but… Wait…

Did I really?