Removing your safety valve altogether

“Outdoor tap faucet drips with water” by Luis Tosta on Unsplash

I wrote yesterday about the inner valve that you have (that we all have). The one that you can close and open at will. The one that, when open, allows a strong flow of love, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, and connectedness through.

Well, I don’t believe that valve is supposed to be there. I don’t think it’s an organic thing. I see it as a security measure installed by us on behalf of our parents and other well-meaning authority figures throughout our lives.

However, not many of us in our short history have analyzed that safety measure to make sure it’s working for us.

But those who have inspected this safety valve have reported back that it’s actually working against us. It’s dysfunctional. And it’s been known to lead to more adverse conditions that it’s supposed to guard against.

So, what do we do?

Uninstall the valve.
Dismantle it.

Don’t worry about when to turn it on or off. Toss it out altogether. It has no use.

Leave the floodgates as wide open as you can.

In our defenselessness lies our creative power and strength.

Here’s to a creative life lived wide open.