Opening that inner creative valve

Photo by Neil Cooper on Unsplash

You know how, when you hit those winning streaks in your work, you feel a sort of rush of enthusiasm and joy (and — dare I say — love) rush up inside of you? You can feel it, quite literally, like a fountain of energy welling up and consuming your being?

I hope you know what I’m talking about. I know you’ve experienced it at least once.

Suddenly, the world is right. Your work takes on a new light. You get to the gym more often. You have better sex. All the good stuff.

And then, something happens and you become… Blocked.

Usually a period of blockage is triggered by something in the world. Maybe a bad client interaction or a negative review.

Suddenly, you’re tired. Sluggish. You start eating horrible food. You blow off your friends and spend a disproportionate amount of time on Facebook.

This blockage happens to the best of us.

Here’s where the spiritual lesson comes in…

It can seem that this wellspring of life that you experienced before the blockage was because of something ‘out there’ (that winning streak we were talking about earlier), but it really isn’t.

This spiritual energy (for lack of a better term, although other cultures have called it prana, ki, chi, etc.) is yours. It’s your birthright. It’s infinite. And you control it.

All it needs is your openness to it. Your receptivity.

To trigger this good creative juju (okay, THERE’S a better term for it), all you need is an inner opening in the heart-center.

Yes, I’m totally going yoga-teacher on you here, but that stuff is real. Think of it as a spiritual valve that you can open or close at will.

There is a spiritual valve in the center of your being that you can open or close at will. Take control of it. Connect with your life. Become enthusiastic in your work. And create anew.

I’m guessing, if you’re reading this, you’re in a decent place. Like, your life isn’t in danger. Hopefully you’re in a fairly relaxed state. Do me a favor and feel that inner valve open up from right in the center of your being. Feel that enthusiasm and joy — FOR NO REASON AT ALL -swell up inside of you. Maybe you can even bring a smile to your face.

Yes, I triggered it this time, but you don’t need me. You don’t need anyone. You’ve got this.

Really, how high do you want to get on this stuff? How much love and enthusiasm do you want to feel for your work? This is an inside job, not an outside one.

Thing is, due to ego influence, we see value in keeping it closed. We use our ego discernment (not judging here, I do it too) to select the things in life that make us happy and those that make us unhappy. We set the rules…

And so it is.

Try tossing the rules. You made them up anyways.

Money low? Open the valve anyway.
Wife tired of pulling the weight as you experiment with your new direction? Open that valve.
Client hate the work you did? Open that damn valve, amigo.

Now, the interesting thing is, you may not WANT to open that valve. Seriously, feeling bad sometimes feels good.

Just know that, no matter what the ego says, IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD TO KEEP THAT VALVE CLOSED. Closing that inner valve will never once help your lot.

I could go on about this, but I’ll end here.

Open that valve. Enthusiasm, joy, love, and connection are all we really want as humans. They’re what lead to our best work. We think money will bring it to us, but it’s not true.

You can have it now.

How ‘bout it?

Then, you can make the money for the fun of it.