Be like the fingers

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

A lot of our strife as creatives comes from the flawed notion that we, as individuals, are on our own. That we’re left to dream this stuff up through our isolated individual will.

This is a terrifying inner-state to put ourselves in. And it’s totally unnecessary. (But we’re free to do it.)

This is, in a large part, where spirituality comes into play. It gives me a wider, more expansive view of an intelligent, creative, resilient force that’s underlying my existence — our existence. One that’s pushing up through us wanting to express itself in the form of our lives.

Close your eyes. 
Can you feel it?

Something wants to live and create through you.

In fact, it hurts to not let it.

This is far beyond you or I.

Just like my index finger is a thing, in and of itself, it’s also nothing but an inert piece of blood, bone, and flesh without the greater hand, arm, and body.

If I were to keep going, that body is nothing without the thing that beats its heart, its hair, its fingernails. That thinks through its brain and creates through its spirit and actions.

The finger is nothing on its own. If it could have a free will where it just did its own thing, there would be a problem.

Sometimes, after a few Belgian ales, when I try to play the piano (because, well, Belgian ale), I believe this is the case. My fingers just do what they want. They have a ‘mind of their own’ (in a bad way).

But for those who keep practicing, soon their fingers become more attuned with what the mind is instructing them to do. Before too long, they’re playing Jerry Lee Lewis without even looking at them.

This is when they have a ‘mind of their own’ in a good way. A way that’s aligned with the musician’s spirit.


Now, my focus shifts from forcing, manipulating, striving, and fighting to…

Allowing, surrendering, extending, and connecting.

Much better for the work and life I have ahead.

Maybe it is for you as well.