Contemplation as a creative power tool

Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash

The kind of contemplation I mention here is spiritual in nature. It’s much like meditation, but with words. There are many different modalities that date back to ancient times, so I won’t belabor you in this short note. A contemplative prayer can be a statement of gratitude, a question to the universe or your deepest self, etc.

I know (and can relate)… To the religiously wounded, prayer has been framed to many of us as a mystical, magical petition to an anthropomorphic God. Used this way, we can easily feel let down. It’s made many of us cynical while causing us to abandon it (and all of spirituality) altogether.

But instead, what if the aim of praying wasn’t to finagle a deity or the universe into getting you what you wanted — but rather to align your deepest self with your work and life?

What if praying was an introspective exercise to withdraw your worries, anxieties, fears, and doubts for a short time so that you move from a scarcity-based survival consciousness into a creatively-driven one?

Would it be worth exploring?

Instead of seeing prayer as an act of supplication to an outside judging force, prayer can instead be an exercise to declare your co-creative role with the intelligent and creative nature of life itself.

By entering a state of surrender and grace as in that of contemplative prayer ( a simple Google search will open up so much for you to explore — I won’t belabor you in this post), you’re actually de-activating your amygdala and re-activating the frontal cortex — the part of the brain where magic happens.

Now you may be seeing how the magic of contemplative prayer is less like hocus-pocus and more like a good business decision.

If you were to take a few minutes to quiet your mind and align your sense of purpose with your work, might that be worthwhile?

If you were to take a few minutes to release your anxieties so that a higher intelligence can come through, would that be ‘weird’?

Spirituality — particularly the type that transcends religiosity — has provided me with some of the most helpful business tools I’ve ever applied (and I’ve read countless business books).

Might be worth exploring…