Now is the season, turn

See you next year (or maybe a little before then)…

Photo by Spencer Backman on Unsplash

Here it is. I’m calling it. I’m setting down my glass of Bailey’s on the rocks (my holiday libation of choice) for a minute to inform you that I’m going to force myself to take the end of the year off.

I’m going to use this time as a perfect excuse to relax my white-knuckle grip on life and work and surrender into the season.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year. Winter Solstice. The darkest day of the year.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? 
Don’t look so down...
It’s all about how you frame it.

See, the darkest day of the year is the PERFECT day to withdraw from the grind, the yearning for control, and the manipulation of your life. Retreat into the soft blanket of quietude that surrounds you and rest there.

Most of us are trying too hard. We’re pushing, straining, and reaching too hard. And it’s doing us more harm than good (thanks, Hassan S. Ali, for the inspiration here).

Please use this excuse to do some of the same yourself. If you’re a parcel delivery driver, I’m sorry. Probably a little tough for you to do much of this. But at least, while you’re jamming door to door, lighten up a little. Wear a Santa hat (if you can). Deliver boxes with a ho, ho, ho. Smile at the kids. Wink a little (but not creepily — I’m looking for more of a friendly wink, either you have it or you don’t).

Whatever you can do to take the seriousness and intensity out of life this time of year, the better.

And if you’re NOT a parcel delivery driver (or hold some other position as intensely involved with the Christmas Industrial Complex), see if you can step away, at least a bit. Even if you have to show up and clock in these next couple weeks, at least try to mentally and emotionally kick back some. No one will blame you. They’ll probably welcome it. It’ll encourage them to do the same.

I’ll be taking this time to take a step back and enter into 2018 with intention. No, not control… But intention (subtly different).

My time away won’t be long. Probably just before new year’s day. Or just after. However the Christmas spirit directs me.

Have a wonderful rest of the season. May the darkest day in the world bring an intensified light that shines through your eyes. And may you stay warm — inside and out — wherever this note finds you.