Move our hearts to move our feet

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I have a lot of manuals on my bookshelf (both my physical bookshelf and my digital one on Kindle). Some are dressed up as schnazzy bestselling nonfiction books, but they’re still manuals nonetheless.

And you should SEE all the free how-to ebooks on my hard drive from email opt-ins.

Manuals are technical. They provide roadmaps, blueprints, and hacks. They’re awesome. I love manuals.

I have manuals that teach all the different things I’m into like writing, exercising, golf (don’t judge), business, martial arts — even internal stuff like relationships, happiness, positivity, etc.

These manuals have been written by experts on each topic. I’ve read almost all of them cover to cover and have exhausted many a highlighter throughout their pages.

Why, then, am I not an expert in all of these different interests of mine? Why do I still feel like such a beginner in so many of them?

You probably — at least intellectually — know the answer…

No manual is sufficient in and of itself. The content of the manual requires action. And action is terrifying.

Action requires the very real possibility of failing. Action requires dancing with self-doubt, insecurities, perfectionism, comparison, and the hundreds of internal checkboxes being checked before the first step is even taken.

This is the conversation I love entering…

Yes, I could write more manuals, but a shortage of manuals doesn’t seem to be the problem. (Although I really could do better in this area — I’m well aware…)

The problem is movement.

I want to move you. I want you to move me. If I’m reading your roadmap, I want you to get me to take that first step.

The only way you’re going to really move anyone to take action is if you align their heads with their hearts.

When the head gets something, it ‘makes sense’. It’s a ‘great idea’. But a great idea is nothing without the heart.

Speaking to the head might stimulate the mind, but speaking to the heart moves the feet.

When the heart invests in the ‘great idea’, motion happens.

Now, you can’t MAKE someone take action. All you can do is provide the bridge. The bridge is made up of appealing to both the head and the heart.

Most content creators only build half of the bridge.

Building the other half might be an emotional investment worth making.