Bringing your blog on the journey with you

Photo by Michael Shannon on Unsplash

When you have a personal blog (such as this one), your blog comes along with you wherever you go (especially when you publish daily).

When I started this blog, after years of learning my craft and growing my clientele, I was a full-time freelance copywriter. I’d just lost my dad to cancer after caring for him during his last days. I was a new dad myself. My wife was in the early phases of her college planning business.

To say that there was a lot going on would be an understatement.

I wasn’t sleeping (being a suuuper light sleeper and having a little girl who woke up hourly was a recipe for an accelerated bout with insomnia). I wasn’t able to focus on my business as much as I would have liked with all that was going on (as well as the commotion going on in my head).

So I took to this blog to give me an impetus to focus on my ‘higher thoughts’. Writing here served as a meditation to elevate my thinking from being stuck in my head, ‘What the hellz going on in my life’ to sharing with others, ‘Here’s something great you can think about that might help you live mo’ bettah.’

I eventually stopped freelancing (I couldn’t focus and focus is pretty darn important when running your own business) and started working in a digital creative agency owned by a couple friends of mine.

This blog followed and morphed along with me.

A year or so later, when I left the agency to move across the country to help open a spiritual center (because, why not?), continue my schooling as an interfaith minister (gotta keep life interesting, right?), and return to the city my wife and I love (yay, Chicago) — you guessed it…

This blog came and morphed along with me.

Aaand now, although the ministerial/spiritual thing is a sturdy background to my life, I’m back into copywriting again. Some unexpected opportunities have come my way and, as surprising as they were, have felt… Amazing.

Therefore, because my life is changing, I see another shift in the blog coming. Which is a little terrifying for me. Especially from a conventional web writing/positioning perspective.


Because people generally hate change. As they say, the ego is likes to put things in boxes and compartments. Especially people.

That said, you’ve likely put me in a box in your mind (I know, I do it too — nothing personal). What happens when I step outside of that box? If even a little bit? Will you still enjoy what I have to say?

This is the fear.

Side note: I speak of this phenomena in a blogging perspective, but it holds true with life itself. When you change, the people in your life have to reevaluate what you are to them. And this takes effort. Effort that requires a mental and emotional energy that some don’t feel like exerting.

I write this to those who include themselves as the main character of their blog. When you do this, life changes are terrifying. But here’s the thing. They’re way more terrifying in our minds as they actually are in reality.

Truth is, this blog is — and will remain — just as ‘me’ as it’s always been. And there’s a really cool human principle that stays standing:

The best connection is established with people who follow your work because of your soul, your voice, and your humanity — not just your vocation, avocation, information, or subject matter.

Since this blog has turned spiritual due to my jaunt into divinity school, I know that I have readers who don’t at all consider themselves spiritual who still follow my work because they dig my voice. They dig it when I write about spirituality and they’d dig it if I wrote about riding on the back of a garbage truck (a childhood dream job of mine — actually, that sounds like a damn cool blog journey).

Although it’s very true that certain people also connect with the more topical things and will likely leave when you pivot (yep, look at me use spiffy tech startup terminology), knowing that there are those who connect with the deeper you will hopefully bring you some peace of mind throughout the shift.

Please know that as long as you put yourself into what you write, there will be an anchored constant throughout the shifts. That constant will be you. And for the readers who matter most, this is all they’ll need to continue enjoying the ride along with you.

(More to come on my journey as the calendar turns towards the new year.)