Passion works the other way around

Photo by Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash

When people try to find work they’re passionate about, they’re typically going about it in an upside-down fashion that will only lead to disappointment, heartache, and wasted time (kinda sounds like a country song, doesn’t it?).

Have you noticed, there’s a way ‘pros’ do their work and a way that everyone else does it?

(See, I used to think that a ‘pro’ just meant someone who got paid for doing their thing. But it’s not true. There are a TON of people out there who get paid to do what they do, yet are anything but pros.)

A PRO mindset is output-centric, focusing on what you can offer the world with your skillset. A passion mindset is internally-centric and focuses on what the world can offer you to feel good.
 — Paul Jarvis


Maybe you know someone who’s constantly wallowing around looking for something they’re ‘passionate’ about. Maybe this person is you.

(This person has definitely been me for very large swaths of time.)

They have a mindset that looks to be fulfilled by the thing before fully committing.

On the other hand, the pro has her head down and gets fulfillment from doing the thing and the resultant work she consistently creates. This is not about hustling, burning the candle at both ends, etc. It’s about the pure joy of expressing through our work. When we do that, it doesn’t feel like drudgery. It feels like a heightened sense of aliveness and flow.

Your passion doesn’t come from what your work brings you. It comes from what you bring to your work.

Take the responsibility off of your craft to bring you happiness. Instead, flip it, and bring your emotional fortitude, your fire, your passion to it.

This will get you through the inevitable rough days and make the good days a pure joy to behold.