Minimalism of mind

Image: Nikolas Behrendt

Minimalism is often seen in purely physical terms. It’s tied to ‘stuff’. Physical stuff. And getting rid of a lot of it.

Aaaaand, it is. But the getting-rid-of-the stuff is only an effect of a deeper cause. Shedding the stuff is a byproduct of first shedding the erroneous thoughts that lead to the purchasing of the stuff.

Minimalism begins in the mind.

Ready for a divine dichotomy?

Spiritual growth as all about removing, not adding, things to the mind. We don’t have anything to learn. Only to unlearn. So we can remember our true nature.

(Does this stuff make your head hurt too?…)

This is the minimalism that interests me. I want to chuck out the objects in my mind that block the connection with my greater good. I want to set fire to the thought-forms that keep me enslaved to my ego and to the effects of this world.

Yes, absolutely, get rid of your old magazines, clothes, furniture, Tupperware, and VHS tapes (you still have those?). But until you notice and release the erroneous thoughts that unconsciously cling to the material world for worth and meaning, I’m afraid they’ll end up back in your shopping cart.[embed][/embed]