Make your life inseparable

The ego treats spirituality like a drug (I guess it treats everything like a drug, but in this post, I’m referring specifically to spirituality — plug in whatever your poison is).

I’m not sure if you’re a spiritual junkie like me, but when you discover it and get your first fix, it can lead to you abandoning everything in order to get more.

Since the ego compartmentalizes, it tries to take this ‘spirituality thing’ into its own boxed off area. And so you have this ‘spiritual life’ that your ego has situated on an island apart from everything else in your life.

Ahhh… Now the ego can make sense of it. It can make it special and safe and all the other insecure nonsense the ego does.

(Remember, I write these notes for myself first, so trust me, I’m not just preaching to you.)

I realize I did this with my profession about a year ago. Some of you know that I’m a copywriter by trade. When I signed up for divinity school, I started downplaying this part of my life, especially in this blog.

I was so enthralled by this new spiritual life I was building that it eclipsed a lot of the rest of my life. Even though I’d long been familiar with spirituality, I’d never before been a practitioner of it. I never saw it as an identity.

Well, now I did. So I created a persona out of it.

Looking at this, I now see how much of an ego ploy this was. It downgraded an honest profession. Essentially, my ego took spirituality and did a Judo-move of reversing it in order to create more separation in my life. In so doing, it neutralized the positive effects of spirituality on my professional life.

Silly little ego…

Spirituality must be integrated into life, not walled off from it.

When the ego runs amok and does this, as soon as we recognize it, we just have to stop. Take a breath. See the separation that’s occurring. And know that unity is the only truth.

Here’s what unity/God/love/’The Force’ told me when I listened (heavily paraphrased, of course):

Jonas, you’ve worked your face off to gain your copywriting skills. About six years ago, every evening for about a year, after your customer service job at Patagonia (great company, btw) you sat at your desk and hand-copied hundreds of sales pages from old-school acclaimed copywriters. You read books about headlines, how to write calls-to-action, how to keep the attention of readers, how to write clearly and compellingly, etc. You did free work for months before you landed your first client.

And you were fascinated. You taught yourself the ancient craft of impactful messaging. And you used those skills for good.

This publication is because of that work. Over the years, you’ve helped dozens of businesses thrive without losing their voice or their souls. Etc…

Jonas, don’t let the ego keep spirituality separate from your work (or from anything, in fact). Spirituality can only add life and light and power and good juju (yes, good juju) to your work — to your craft. Let me in. Let me unite them.

How about you? Have you let some things go after finding that shiny new ‘thing’ the ego has wrapped its paws around? Has spirituality been one of them?

Remember, life is designed to be united. To work together. It’s not ‘either/or’. It’s ‘both/and’.

This is the language of a whole life. 
The life we were all born with that we so easily forget.