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Your December update of Higher Thoughts

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The holiday season is here. What a magical time of year. I hope this letter finds you warm both inside and out.

It’s really interesting. Assigning your personal will to the task of finding your ‘mission’ (which is what we obsessively do) when you first start a thing is a frustrating experience. You think you define it and then it falls flat. So you doggedly set out to define it again, you get an inkling of something, but then it, too, falls flat.

What I’ve learned is that when you do a thing for a long time and you put your heart into it while relieving your personal will of any purpose-defining, your purpose and mission will emerge out of the work you do. No defining necessary.

As I go along, mine is slowly emerging. From what I can see now, I really enjoy helping creatives get out of the predominantly individualistic #hustle mindset and into more of a surrendered, spiritual posture.

How about you? What is your life, your work, your engagement with the world showing you? If you could surrender your personal will, what would be there in clear daylight?

Just some things to consider:)

The Higher Thoughts Book

You may have seen the memo, but the Higher Thoughts book is back in all of its hardbound glory. This thing is designed to look beautiful in your hands and is not available in ebook format (on purpose). It’s a meditative read with beautiful, big print and vivid images throughout. It contains 58 of my favorite essays (slightly edited for readability sake) from season two of this publication (November, 2016 — November, 2017).

From my calculations, if you want the book to be delivered by the holiday using standard shipping, you’ll need to order it by tomorrow — Saturday, December 9th (I guess this might depend on where it’s shipping to). It’s print-on-demand, so it takes a few days to print after ordering it. You can still get it there by the holiday after tomorrow, you’ll just need to use an expedited shipping method.

What I’m Reading Now

Own the Moment
by Carl Lentz

I’m not Evangelical Christian, but Pastor Carl Lentz is amazing at crafting and delivering a powerful message. He’s been all over the news as Justin Bieber’s spiritual counselor and the lead pastor at Hillsong, NYC, a trendy megachurch that’s getting a lot of attention. Yes, the hooplah surrounding him is concerning, but from what I can tell, for the most part, he preaches love. If THAT message garners a lot of attention, I don’t think it can hurt. This book is a fantastic, entertaining read from a passionate guy.

The Book of Awakening
by Mark Nepo

At the opposite end of the personality spectrum, we have Mark Nepo. A more seasoned, softer, gentler voice than the pastor mentioned above. This book was gifted to me by a friend and it’s one of the things that got me back into posting daily again. It’s a daily entry book — a year of Nepo’s daybook and his spiritual reflections and insights. Amazing read.

Basic Principles of the Science of Mind
by Frederick Bailes

If you’re more of an intense spiritual type, this is the book I’m currently studying on my ministerial journey. If you’re familiar with Ernest Holmes and his seminal book, The Science of Mind (essentially what my spiritual tradition is based around), this book is a great breakdown of the practice of it. And if you’re interested in affirmative prayer, this is a fantastic guidebook.

Popular posts from December

In Closing

I’m elated to say that I’ve been posting regularly (dare I say, daily) again. I thought I’d wait until the new year, but when you’re heart is set, waiting is impossible. I missed it like mad and it’s great to be back.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope this year’s end is a renewing one for you and yours. May you prepare your heart to burst open with a renewed focus in 2018.

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