Assigning the meaning-maker of your life

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Check this out…

You are the meaning-maker of your life.

When we’re spiritually asleep, we think it’s the role of the world out there to assign meaning to things. Things just ‘are the way they are’.

But you and I both know this isn’t true. 
If it were, you’d love this sweater as much as I do (what, you don’t?).

So, hearing that we’re the meaning-makers of our lives is quite empowering, right?

HOWEVER, once we’ve got that, there’s one caveat…

See, the problem is, in one moment, we might make an amazing meaning out of something that, in the next moment, we’d make a total mess out of. So by saying that we’re the meaning makers of our lives — yes, it’s empowering, but it’s also incomplete. Because, left with that, it’s still a toss-up as to what we’re going to do with it.

So here’s the next step…

You decide what part of you makes the meaning in every instant — your head or your heart.

Now we’re getting somewhere, but we’re still split.

The head is going to go off of past information. It’s going to judge. It’s going to analyze the data in front of it with past models. This is useful at a stoplight or on a trigonometry exam. Not so much when proposing marriage, creating great work, or motivating a 4-year-old to move things along so as not to be late for school.

The heart wants to unite and create. It wants to love, unconditionally. It cares not about the body and knows not time or space. It wants to fly. Not so great when performing brain surgery.

(Please know that when I say ‘heart’, I’m not talking about the thing that pumps blood through your physical body. I’m talking about the center — the depth — of your being. The heart of your soul. We just equate it in body terms with the area that our ticker occupies.)

Now, the next-level Jedi stuff is integrating the heart and the head.

Integrating the heart and the head is the meaning of wholeheartedness, where the real magic happens.

(a.k.a. the Christ consciousness.)

This is where the split ends. 
We realize our oneness with the divine.

(In reality, there is no division. But according to the egoic thought system that we’ve adopted throughout humanity, which is very convincing, there is. And the head typically wins over the heart.)

This is all very deep. To sum it up, for now, my work (and maybe your work) is to train the heart to get in the game more often. This is the meaning maker I’ll assign as much as I can.

When this becomes second nature, I’l try the Jedi stuff and let you know how that goes.

One step at a time, they say.


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