Upper-case God

Photo by Gui Avelar on Unsplash

This post is a follow-up to my last post on this topic, Lower-Case god. If you haven’t yet read it, check it out here for context.

In my last post, Lower-Case god, I wrote about reframing the word ‘God’ with a lower-case ‘g’ and how it becomes less daunting, threatening, booming, and unapproachable. It makes god into more of a verb or an adjective rather than a noun, title or a first name.

My intention for writing through that was to make the word comfortable and usable again. To become reacquainted with it.

If you’re like me, you may have thrown it out of your personal narrative long ago for whatever reason.

This word is an interesting one. Yes, it’s been used in countless ways for countless different reasons. It can seem like it’s beyond repair. But I ask you not to give up on it yet.

Never forget this…

You are the meaning-maker of your life.

So redefine it. Make it yours. 
Bring god back into the fold of your life. 
Not to please some deity in the clouds, but for the longing of your heart.

This may take time. But when you can use it with no resistance, I invite you to take the next step…

Re-capitalize it. 

However, when you do, keep in mind,

The living God is a creative, intelligent, loving, resilient power that lives in the center of your being, not out there booming down on you from the clouds.

This God wants nothing from you other than for you to realize your unity with it and all of life. It plays no role in meddling with the ego and its affairs because it only knows love. And love is incompatible with the illusory nature of the ego’s nightmare of separation.

There’s something human about yearning for a personal loving God. A God we can talk to and surrender our fears and insecurities to. A God we make ourselves available for. To use us for something new. To bring grace to our lives, no matter how big of a mess we’ve made of it.

Maybe you’re doing just fine without god (or God). I know I did ‘just fine’ for years without it. But now that I’ve reacquainted with it, my life has taken on a new color. A new sense of aliveness.

This is a wound that brings about profound healing across a number of unexpected avenues of life.

See, my ego is really bad at being the captain of this ship. When my ego wants to break chairs, burn bridges, take the money and run, and self-sabotage (because sometimes, that stuff just makes sense), God is the loving embrace that takes me out of that paradigm altogether with no ‘reason’ necessary. When I’m on my knees, it just… Saves me.

However, as I grow older, I see the virtue of not waiting until I’m on my knees to hear its call back home.

You owe it to yourself. Don’t let anyone’s twisted notions and misaligned motivations rob this powerful word from you.

Claim your God back.

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