Lower-case god

Photo by Joseph Argus on Unsplash

This is interesting. I never even considered it until now. As a matter of fact, the nine-year-old me would likely have seen it as a sin. If I even entertained the notion, I’d be waiting for that lightning bolt to come raining down on me.

I’d have thought I’d written the Lord’s name… In vain.

Hold your horses there, guilt. Not so fast. Let’s just talk this out, okay?

See, the problem for me — and I think the problem for many — is that I keep seeing ‘God’ as the first name of an old man in the clouds. I can see God on a name badge.

That, right there, is God. 
Separated from me by name.

But god with a lower-case g…


Looks different, doesn’t it?

(Still no lightning bolt… Good.)

It’s more like a word and less like a name.
More like a verb or an adjective and less like a noun or a title.

Hmmm… I kinda like it.

Yes, it has its drawbacks. Because it also takes the power out of it. But that’s probably a good thing. For now.

I can more easily say god with a lower-case g. It flows better. When I speak it, it’s less like a weapon used to hit others over the head with.

Read each of these sentences…

With God, anything is possible.
With god, anything is possible.

Can you tell the difference? Right?!

The word ‘god’ becomes like the word ‘love’ or ‘run’ or any other word we color our language with.

Check this phrase out…

With water, anything is possible.

If the word ‘water’ was capitalized, it’d be iconized. We don’t do that anymore because (fortunately, out west) we turn on the sink and it comes out. The scarcity has been removed from water (for now).

But, I’d argue, water is something that would make sense to iconize. Because we can run out of it. Seriously. Water is a big issue in a lot of places.

But the spiritual nature of god is infinite. It’s non-expendable. The more we live and give from god, the more we have.

The lower-case god fits into the rest of the metaphorical sentence of our lives. It no longer stands apart as a first name or an icon. It is one-with.

Soon, god willing, we’ll get used to the word. We’ll cozy up to it. It’ll be like a warm fire rather than a daunting aggressor in the sky.

I invite you to try it out. Try writing it. Try speaking it. If you can’t do it while in the presence of others, do it alone. In your journal and while taking a shower. Integrate god in your language — not as a name but as a… word. Like another verb or adjective.

Here’s the thing, though…

Your mind will demand a definition of it. Can I define it for you here? Nope.

A part of you knows what it means. It’s imprinted on your heart. Let god be a fluid thing rather than a static one. Defining it removes it of its power. Love and grace are close. Forgiveness is in there too.

But let god be god. 
Let it encompass more.
Let it encompass all.