Love, the unthinkable experience

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Love, in its purest sense, flows forth from union with life itself.

The problem is, the mind is all about describing and defining. In order to do this, it has to separate itself. And so, the more we think and try to ‘understand’, the more we cast away.

Now, understanding is fine at a certain level. Great, in fact. Maybe even necessary. When learning to play the piano, it helps to ‘understand’ how to read music and apply the notes to the keys so we can play it.

But, at a certain point, we must be willing to ditch the understanding and create. We must drop the thinking to become one with the music (or so they say — I never made it past beginner level piano, but this seems true).

We must see the limitations of living through the brain so we can receive the gifts of living through the heart. The gifts… of Love.

When you see someone play a piece on the piano —really play it — you’re not looking at someone who ‘knows how to play the piano’. You’re witnessing someone who’s fallen in love with it.

You’re not seeing a love that’s portrayed in romantic comedies, but a deeper love — a oneness that’s the underlying life force pushing up through the ground of our being and wanting to express individually through each of us in only the way you and I can bring it forth.

It’s not through effort of the mind, but through stillness of it, that dissolves the man-made illusion of separation and brings about innate union — Love — with life.

Love, with a capital-L, comes from union with all of life. Union arises naturally when the blocks to our awareness of love’s presence are removed.

When the barrier of our separate thoughts melt away, we find ourselves in union to life. There is no separation. There is no imagined ‘self’ standing back from life, observing it.

There is no thinking going on. 
Just life living through us.

Union with life isn’t something we get. It’s what we are when we’re not being an ‘other’ to ourselves. When we surrender our understanding of life to fully being in it.

This is when the veil of separation becomes lifted.

  • Ask yourself where in your life you’re lacking love. Where is love proving ‘difficult’.
  • Inquire deeper: How much ‘figuring it out’ have you been doing?
  • When you contemplate this place, do you feel yourself as being ‘up in your head’? (I’m guessing this is a ‘yes’…)
  • Place your hand over your heart area. This is the center of your body. There is a whole new intelligence there that shines through when you release the walls of your thinking and let them evaporate. Some call this heart-centered intelligence ‘wisdom’.
  • Just feel that place for now. Meditate on it. Know it’s there and always available to you.