Hello, November (It’s been awhile)

Your November update for Higher Thoughts

Wow… The last time I wrote a proper monthly Higher Thoughts newsletter here was way back in August. And it’s already (gulp) November. What gives, right?!

In earnest, life has been insane (maybe you can relate). Good, but insane. Here’s a quick rundown for ya…

  • We’ve moved across the country, from Lake Tahoe, NV to Chicago, IL to start a new life.
  • My wife took her college planning business from a physical brick and mortar space to virtual.
  • We started our daughter at a new preschool.
  • I helped open a new interfaith church here in Chicago that I’m currently a minister-in-training at.
  • My studies in divinity school have become more… Intense.
  • I’m just now coming out of a ‘dark night of the soul’ scenario (been there?) where I got stuck for some time about my role in the world. (I’ll be writing about it, but it feels great to be through it now.)
  • I stopped blogging daily so as to be able to focus on some higher level projects and unexpectedly experienced creative withdrawals (which were likely part of the point above).

That said, it feels great to be back here to usher you into the most wonderful time of the year — the holidays.

Which brings me to the next thing I want to mention to you…

Higher Thoughts, The Book

Last year, I took 41 of my favorite posts from the first year (because 40 wasn’t enough), touched them up a bit, and created a beautiful little coffee table book out of them. I have to say, I was blown away by what turned out.

If you have a copy of Higher Thoughts, Season One gracing your coffee table (or basket by your toilet), thank you. If not, you can get one here.

A couple of things at this juncture…

  1. I’ll be making Season One available in ebook format SUPER soon and will send out a letter here when it’s available.
  2. (DRUM ROLL, PLEASE…) Higher Thoughts, Season TWO will be available for your holiday enjoyment (and that of your friends and family) suuuuper soon (shooting for 2 weeks from now).

Medium Partner Program

Some of you may have heard about the Medium Partner Program, which is a program that lets creators like me get compensated for our work through your applauses. Well, I’m a part of this generous program. What this means for you is this…

  • If you’re a Medium Member (you pay $5/month to get exclusive content from Medium), your experience will be seamless. You can read all of my work as soon as it’s published.
  • If you’re not a Medium Member, you’ll have access to 3 locked posts per month (either mine or anyone else’s). But beyond that, you may not have access to read my full posts. HOWEVER (please read on if this is you)…
  • I will unlock and share every post here on Higher Thoughts FOR FREE to everyone one month after I publish them. So if you get locked out of any of my posts, hang tight, and a few weeks later, you’ll be able to read them for free here with no restriction (or click here to sign up for my daily email list where you’ll get my full posts emailed to you as soon as they’re posted).

Any questions? Email me here.

What I’m reading now

A Poetry Handbook
by Mary Oliver

As you may know, I’m a ridiculous poetry fan. I think I’m absolutely horrible at writing poetry, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than experiencing firsthand the freedom of doing it. So Mary Oliver is my coach (not a bad poetry coach to have, right?). Poetry is the language of the soul, not the brain. I think all of us could use more communion with this part of ourselves.

Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living
by Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett is one of my all-time favorite humans (yes, my ego chooses favorites). She oozes authenticity and exudes a perfect balance of spiritual and secular in her work. And she’s a damn good writer. Tippett goes deeeeep in this book into our culture today and the implications of it. I’m only in the beginning of this one, but it’s a joy to read.

Popular posts from the last few months

In Closing

I hope you enjoy these last days of autumn (or whatever season you’re in according to your locale). I hope to be back to writing more regularly now that I’m in a better place, creatively and spiritually speaking.

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Until next time, friend, Happy November!!

As Ever,

P.S. If you fancy a deeper conversation and would appreciate me calling you to the most vibrant version of yourself to step into come the new year, click here to check out my private coaching program. It’s not for everyone, but it may be for you.