Block Party

Photo by Ben Rosett

There’s just something about walking unimpeded through city streets…

We had a block party tonight.

Kids playing in streets.
Bounce House.
Popcorn, hot dogs, chili, pizza, 
drinks, drinks, drinks.

The neighbor down the street is a Chicago Mounted Police Officer.
He and a couple other officers were gracious enough to make an appearance.

We had a block party tonight.

Summer heat
humid breath
inhale, exhale
kids petting horses
big eyeballs
don’t poke it, kiddo.

Being from rural Nevada, these block party shenanigans are new to us. But apparently, in Chicago, they’re the norm. A big reason why we moved out here was that we wanted a more community feel. Out west, people seem to drive straight in the garage and zombie out inside for the evening.

We had a block party tonight.

Families on stoops
Cubs hats
strong midwest accents
whose toys are these
go ahead
they’re yours
so nice to have you here
we’ve been here for 6 years
25 years
s’mores on the sidewalk
sweaty handshakes
more drinks.

We lucked out moving to this street. Not all streets in Chicago are like this. But this is what community feels like.

I could hang out with everyone on my block for hours. Such kind, quirky, classy-but-comfortable, down-to-earth-but-not-bumpkin people.

Tonight reminded me that community is a human thing. Our souls yearn for it. It’s dangerous to be isolated. That’s coming from the fingertips of someone who, just a few years ago, was one of the most hardened individualistic introverts around.


We had a block party tonight.