6 things I know to be true

For now…


You are a creative, spiritual being having a human experience. So am I. We all are. We must embrace our humanity, not run from it. Being human isn’t problematic, it’s divine. It’s only problematic when we start thinking we’re alone.


Masculinity and spirituality can live together. In fact, my wife says I’ve become more manly as I’ve grown spiritually (or at least I can pretend she said that). I don’t believe spiritual content has to be flowery and ephemeral (although a little woo-woo is fine).


You are a writer. Maybe not vocationally, but on the innately human level. Life is largely based on the words we use, both consciously and unconsciously. We run into issues when we unconsciously rewrite the same horrible narrative that we copied from the papers of our parents, friends, teachers, pastors, enemies, heroes, icons, and our favorite reality TV shows.


A vivid life is found in new words. I know God to be, not so much an object or a person, but the space within where new words emerge out of in every moment. A presence. An atmosphere, if you will. When I surrender my plagiarized and recycled words for God’s words, I find my authentic life. I find a narrative that is fresh but seems to originate from somewhere deep inside that’s ancient and timeless. A narrative that’s new, but also resembles a long lost friend. Maybe you can relate?


The deepest wisdom of the world lives in poetry (and the best poetry is prayer). Not the memorized, recited, compulsory, dogmatic, mechanical type of prayer (although, I have to say, there IS something about reciting a rosary from a meditative place rather than an I-have-to-do-this-or-I’ll-go-to-hell place). But spontaneous, improvised, heartfelt, raw, human prayer.

The deepest wisdom of the world lives in poetry.


Spirituality is not a form of dogma or doctrine. It’s also not an escapist lifestyle. Spirituality is the backdrop of life. It’s the breath of life before any physical breath is breathed. Spirituality doesn’t tell us what kind of whiskey to drink. Or what kind of trousers to wear (yes, I just said ‘trousers’). Spirituality provides the best psycho-spiritual atmosphere for the whiskey-drinking/trouser-flaunting to take place in the most life-affirming way.