Who would we be without our reflection?

Just the other day, I received a note (in the form of a Medium response) from an old friend that was perfect. It was just what I’d been waiting for and I didn’t even know it. But when it came, something… rested. I was affirmed. And it was amazing.

No matter how dialed-in our personal thinking is, it’s so nice getting affirmation from an outside voice that reflects exactly what that internal dialogue is nudging us toward.

As I write this, I see so clearly… 
We are not separate. 
We are each other’s reflection. 
We aren’t designed to live in isolation.

Because without the mirror, 
we are merely a fuzzy notion.

A guess. 
A hunch.

Something left with frayed ends.

Until that reflection comes along and reveals to us what’s impossible to see ourselves.

That feels better. 
Way better.