Life is more than the hustle

It seems the current advice for success is to #hustle. To work day and night, year in and year out…

A part of me finds this attractive. It wants me to lock myself in my office and work, work, work. This urge comes from the part of me that isn’t okay with who/where I am now. That wants more, more, more.

It’s the ego. And, as you know, the ego do what the ego gawn do. 
The ego’s job is to look for limitations. 
For problems. 
For stuff to do.

It’s a nice thing to have as a human. Because the soul just wants to fly. But the ego is like, dude, you can’t just fly. You’ll fall to your death and splat on the sidewalk, remember?

So the ego wants to #hustle. But if all we did was that, what would we be?

If I stopped reading poetry, watching Cubs baseball, going to German beer fests, listening to A Prairie Home Companion, perusing through used record shops, playing golf, writing in my journal, and all the stuff that has nothing to do with anything other than my soul enjoyment, what would that leave me with? Who would I be?

And what would be the point of being?