I got 99 problems (but not really)

I invite you to an experiment. In this experiment, when you encounter a ‘problem’, you’re not going to stop your train of thought there. You’re going to keep it open ended.

A problem only becomes a problem when we make it the end of the story in our heads.

Most problems are a small (albeit necessary) part of the larger divinely intelligent unfolding of life. Seeing them this way creates a whole new mental atmosphere that’s ripe for growth and expansion.

What’s unfolding is beyond the comprehension of the ego. Things and people break, get sick, die, and transform. The world of form is constantly changing while the ego wants things to stay the same.

But you and I both know that a static world is both impossible and unwanted.

Because with any given problem comes the solution and the ensuing expansion. Without the contrast that brought the problem that brought the solution, life atrophies.

The answer to most everything is to lighten up.

Go do something nice. 
Take a damn nap. 
Know you can’t get this wrong 
and you’ll never get it done.