Abandon the pursuit

Say, how’s that pursuit of happiness going?

I believe this is our Achilles heel as Americans.

This one little statement has sunk its teeth deep into our culture. Even if we’ve never heard it or read it as kids — even if we’ve never given it a second thought — we see our parents living this certain way… This way that tells us that happiness lives purely in the achievable.

What if we could culturally trash this insane notion? Seriously.

If you were to abandon the pursuit, what would happen?

Wait… Maybe you’d be happy.

Maybe not permasmile happy. Maybe not sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and endless material wealth and get-everything-I-want kind of happy that we’ve attributed to the word.

But the I’m-okay kind of happy. The kind of happiness that’s not terrified of having a bad day, week, month, or season. The kind that needs nothing to be happy.

And then what?

That would be up to you. Maybe you’d finally feel at home. And whatever you decided to pursue would be out of fun and expression instead of urgency.

Maybe that would change everything.