When nothing changes but everything is different

Photo by Niilo Isotalo

This is what transformation means to me…

True transformation is an inner thing. Like the obligatory caterpillar-into-butterfly metaphor, it’s actually perfect when describing transformation.

It’s easy to see transformation as going out and changing into something else. But this is just change, not transformation.

We change all the time. It’s the nature of our transient physical form. As they say, change is the only constant.

Transformation isn’t about change. It’s about nothing an entirely new paradigm being birthed while nothing out there changes at all.

We never transform by going ‘out there’. It doesn’t matter how far or often we travel, how many books we read, webinars we attend, or mantras we recite.

As long as we hold on to our past stories and narratives — especially from an unconscious place — transformation is impossible. Yes, we can change. We will change. But everything will largely stay the same.

We must stop, drop, and surrender. We must abandon our ego narrative for the fresh nowness of reality.

But then again… No one said is was easy being a caterpillar.


As I breathe into the present moment, I relax into an inner space of calm. I know that who-I-really-am is okay. It’s always okay, no matter how much I make up that I’m not.

It’s in this inner space of Source where transformation happens. Where grace happens. It’s where I give up my constant need to be right so as to make space for something new. Something more.

I give it all up to live in the ever-present transformative moment.

As painful as it seems to do this, I know this is where peace lives. When I live from this place and visit it more often, suddenly a new world emerges without anything out there having to change at all.

And so it is.