Learning through teaching

Photo by Geoff Bryant

I’m no stranger to spiritual development. Not only am I a long-time student, I’ve worked with a spiritual advisor and have experienced many shifts throughout.

But I’ve often wondered…

How would these principles help a business executive looking to grow into something new?

Or a stay-at-home dad looking to bring new life to the world he creates at home?

Or an athlete looking to not burn out and enjoy the game again?

Or a blogger looking to find her way through the noise and deeply connect with people?

Or a retiree looking to step into his sunset years?

But now that I’m working one-on-one with people (I try to call them ‘clients’ as little as possible), I can actually see the fruits of this work up close across so many different walks of life. And it’s astounding.

Yes, it’s a little terrifying, especially that first session. Because my rational mind is trying to do the math on what spiritual principle(s) would help this person and how.

But then, I surrender (thankfully, after many a proverbial stubbed toe, I’ve learned to surrender to this inner light bulb ASAP). And when I do, something new shows up. Something that… works.

What I’ve learned is this (and I’ve said it before):

There truly is a spiritual solution to every problem.

This work is fascinating to me. Because it’s truly not about a step-by-step informational process. It’s about the transformative psychospiritual environment that’s created when two or more come together in the candid, sacred space of spirit.

Some ministers in my tradition skip the one-on-one part of the process. But I’m glad I embraced it and am thankful to stand witness to the effects of spirit, not only in my life, but in so many others.


No matter what my circumstances are — whether I’m an executive, a craftsperson, an artist, a thought-worker, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a student, an athlete, etc. [enter yours here] — I know that spirit is the backdrop to life itself.

Spirit makes up the bass notes that underlie my human experience. When things are out of whack, no matter how much my rational mind looks to fix outside circumstances, my problems are transcended through spiritual deepening.

And so now I fully surrender to this spirit. 
I know that it’s impossible for me to ‘do’ anything. 
And so ‘do’ I will…

But I also know that if I ‘do’ with the intention of surrender, acceptance, and love, so much more is possible than through any form of egoic thinking.

I know that spirit applies.
It applies to me.
It is me.

And so it is.