It’s finally here: Cityside Church

Friends, the day has arrived. I’ve spoken much about my path to ministry and many of you know that I recently moved to Chicago to start my assistant ministerial internship, but the day is finally here to fully let the cat outta the bag about what exactly it is we’re building here…

For the last few months, this has been a concept. An idea that’s been prayed and worked on by a core council of individuals birthing it into the world. But now, it’s real.

I’m elated to introduce to you (drumroll, please…) CITYSIDE CHURCH: A new church committed to nurturing a deep and profound relationship with the God of your being through worship, spiritual practice and community.

We’re redefining church and creating a safe space that’s all-embracing and focused on the celebration of our divine humanity, not the disavowal of it… We’re taking the fear, punishment, guilt, judgement, and puritanism out of the church experience and replacing the focus with Love (yes, with a capital-L). Not an airy fairy, bypassing, perfect, faux love. But a faithful, human, real kind of Love that’s truly unconditional. In short, the Love of God.

Affiliated with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (do you realize how much of a dream come true it is for me to say this, btw?) and the Agape International Spiritual Center and under the senior leadership of Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, we’re made up of a longstanding, thriving community of leaders and change-makers who’ve dedicated their lives to this mission of bringing God back into church and kicking hell to the curb.

Our doors (both physically in Chicagoland and virtually around the world) will be opening in the fall.

>> Please, click here to check out the new website so you can learn more about how to learn more and/or join us. <<

It’s going to be a fun, transformative, wave-making ride. Hope to have you along with us (yes, you’ll be able to tune in to our Sunday services and classes from anywhere in the world).

Here’s the direct link for your notes:

Oh, and follow us on the social medias:


I want to close with a personal thank you — a word of gratitude from my heart to yours, if you will…

I started writing on Medium with no clue about what direction my life was going. But through writing and conversing with you every day over the last couple years and surrendering to God’s word inside of me, the path has shown up under my feet.

I’m eternally grateful for you.

You’ve showed up and you’ve read my work. You’ve responded, emailed, and have left kind, supportive notes in the face of my whimsical, contradictory, and sometimes obnoxious rants:) But you’ve found something underneath the musings. A place where you and I connect. Where we are one.

I’ve found myself in this sacred, communal place. And I hope you may have felt at home a time or two while pondering the words in this publication over time. For where two or three gather, the good stuff happens.

Blessings, friend. Until tomorrow, may grace light your path.

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