The allness of having nothing on your mind

Photo by Tim Marshall

I was at the local pool the other day with Rory when I had an epiphany (because isn’t that fitting?)…

It was later in the evening on a Saturday. This is significant because Saturdays are usually stress-inducing for me. It’s my wife’s busiest day of the week with students, so it usually means it’s just Rory and I all day long.

Yes, I know you think I’m an evil father, but hanging out with a threenager all day solo is no short task. There’s at least two tantrums and at least one medical incident. My ego would much rather sit here and write to you. If it wasn’t for those special moments of connection and love, it’d most definitely be so.

But, I’ve been trying to drink some of my own medicine and sink into that meditative space where God lives (you know the one I’m talking about, right?) more often than not.

In short, I’m trying to have as little on my mind as possible. Which is really hard for the mind to do. It’s like trying to not think of a purple slipper. But what better way to practice than with my little spiritual guru, Rory.

Anyhow, so I’m doing that in the kiddie play pool as Rory splashes around (yep, I’m the weird dad contemplating my state of mind while wading in 2ft of water and dodging rainbow colored balls the kids are chucking at each other’s faces).

So I’m there finding this internal place and I remember looking up. Right then, it hit me like a damn freight train…

When you have nothing on our mind, it’s all there in front of you. Absence of thought leads to presence of mind.

It’s impossible to have nothing on your mind. It’s a mind. It’s aware and conscious. We’re thought-creating beings. As long as we’re alive in human form, this will be the case. It never goes blank. But by being in the place of having nothing much on it, we open ourselves to the depth and richness of what’s there.

Things came into hypercolor. Rory and I had a blast. We weren’t hurried. And time flew by extremely fast, but I felt like every moment was deeper than usual.