Go ahead and judge

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

You and I are judging creatures. It’s what we do. Our brains judge as a way of separating information so as to make sense of the world.

The problem is: when we mindlessly invest our attention on those judgements, we tend to make a mess of things.

I judge all the time. I fully admit it.

If you and I were to meet up for coffee, I’d most definitely judge you. But here’s an important distinction between what I do now and what I used to do…

I still have judgements, I’ve just been able to deem them irrelevant more often.

Because most of them are. They’re just thought forms from a flawed (but perhaps sometimes useful) ego-based perspective.

So we musn’t freak out when we find ourselves judging others. We’re hard wired for judgement. Beating ourselves up over doing this is futile.

However, we can choose how much weight we put on those judgements. This is the power of discretion.

So judge away.
Just know that most of the time, we’re full of shit:)