The effects of home

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus

Do you remember the last time you felt truly at home in yourself?

That sounds really condescending. But I mean it sincerely. Because I know you can recall at least once (if even in very distant memory) when you felt that sense of being comfortably at home in your own skin that being tuned into source can bring.

Maybe you felt free…
Powerful in your defenselessness…

Go ahead and extend this list as long as you’d like on your own. It’s all great stuff. But there’s one thing to realize about these qualities.

Positive qualities and feeling states are the effects of being at home in yourself, not the cause of it.

It won’t help to go out and try to find aliveness, bliss, freedom, etc. because these are all results, not the causes, of this state we fall into when our personal thinking quiets down and we fall into the thing that can’t be described: the infinite space within where source energy takes over.

Chasing after these positive qualities and feelings would be like trying to go out and find the flames of a fire when you have a lighter in your back pocket. It’s impossible and it’s unnecessary.

This is a falling-into, not a seek-and-destroy mission.

When we’re home in ourselves, all we know is that… we’re there.

And there’s no place we’d rather be.

There’s no place like home. 
There’s no place like home.

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