The freedom to feel anything

Photo by Daria Tumanova

The thing about a lot of popular self-help stuff today is that it’s all about feeling management…

It’s about good feelings vs bad feelings. God forbid we ever have a ‘bad’ feeling. We’d then have to pull out our crystals to try to eradicate that wretched thing. Or our journal. Or our Kundalini video. Or… Worse.

At this moment, I invite you to consider the dualistic thinking behind this notion and, instead, to step into the non-duality of something new.

What if you could be okay feeling really shitty? 
Or really great?
Or even just… Meh?

What if you could fully know that you’re totally okay throughout the whole spectrum of thought?

What if you could see that it’s honestly just a thought? A cloud-like transient blip of energy crossing the screen of your mind.

I understand, if you’re looking at it from the perspective of your ego, you’re likely consumed by it. That thought storm is raining down on you.

But if you could see things from the perspective of your conscious awareness, you’d rise above the clouds. This is where who-you-really-are truly lives.

As awareness, we encompass all of it. Both the thought storm and the sun that constantly shines behind it.

See how transient that thought storm is? Do you automatically have to get pissed off during a rain storm?

When you see things from the non-dual perspective of your awareness, any feelings can be accepted, embodied, processed, and released. (In short, blessed.)

When you allow yourself to be okay amidst all of it, you give yourself permission to get through the highs with gusto and the lows with grace.

It’s really coming down now. This is awesome, isn’t it?

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