Question the control game

Photo by Mikhail Elfimov

How many self-help books do you have on your shelf (yes, you have to count the digital ones too)?

If you’re like me, you might have a library of them.

We humans are really good at playing the control game. It makes the lizard brain feel safe when we can control our entire existence.

But have you ever noticed how flawed the premise of the control game is? Ever considered that it may be a fool’s errand?

I mean, really… Out of all the striving for control you’ve done, how much of your life is actually under your conscious control?

Your job?
Your spouse?
Your kid(s)?
Your health?
Your bank account?
Your future?
Your government?
Your past?

How much of it is really under your control?

See, here are the two problems with control…

  1. Nobody can truly do it.
    Yes, you can get away with a little control for a little while. But it takes a lot of work. The investment of attention vs. the return on control is one that no decent wealth manager would recommend to her clients.
  2. Nobody really wants it.
    Because if you do fall into the illusion that you have 100% complete control (which you actually don’t), you’re stuck there. Once all those plates are spinning, there’s no other option than to let them fall (and hopefully catch them before they crash into the ground).

Here’s the solution…

Abandon the control game for the freedom game.

When you focus more on freedom than control, the grip of your mind loosens, opens, and expands to make room for the new.

When you see that beneath your personal past thinking is an infinite storehouse of untapped potential and fresh thinking, you’d be crazy to go back to the control game.

Whattdya say you put that stick and plate down. If it crashes, I guarantee it won’t be as bad as you think.

You’ll probably wish you would have done it sooner.

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