You’re never more than one thought away from epiphany

Photo by ANDRIK ↟ LANGFIELD ↟ PETRIDES on Unsplash

I currently use this as a tagline on my website because I love the concept. I find it amusing (because I’m sick and twisted like that) when people ask, “So, what is it? What’s the thought I need to think to get that epiphany you’re talking about.”

And it’s exactly what I wondered when I saw it put this way for the first time (no, I didn’t make this up, unfortunately).

Here’s the thing…
I can’t tell you.

I mean, I can tell you, but it doesn’t count. 
That’s not how epiphanies work.

Epiphanies come from new thought.

New thought that originates from a shift in understanding. 
Your understanding.

Not mine. 
Not from some book you picked up. 
But from you.

Which means the thought that will lead to this epiphany is currently not on the menu.

Try heading back into the quiet kitchen of your mind and see what’s fresh.

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