Hey God, what’s it like to be human?

What’s it like to be human, God?

Yes, I called you God. 
Weird, right?

Have you ever thought of yourself this way? Like you might be God who’s temporarily trying on this meat bag of flesh, blood, and bone for a few years?

And maybe I’m that same God trying on a different type of body suit so that we can experience this ‘being human’ thing together (wow, that’s, like, double meta, right there)…

But why would God do that, though, right?

Well, maybe God chose to be a human through you because she wants to do a kickflip. Or eat an ice cream on a hot summer day. Or look into the eyes of a child.

Maybe he wants to not just know, but experience what it’s like to bring something new into creation. Like a musical piece that’s trapped in his head. Wow, how that would feel to have that tune come out into the physical world where everyone else in their temporary bodies can hear it too!

Or even loss… What if God could feel love profoundly enough to uncontrollably sob with her knees in the gravel while blood soaked into her jeans as she gripped her fists around her hair and screamed, WHY?!?

Wow. Only humans can do that. 
Isn’t that incredible that you have the wherewithal to feel that deeply now, God?

I mean, what if, right?…

What if we were all God experiencing itself through each other’s eyes?

So let me ask you again, God…
What’s it like to be human?


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