The ignition of your mind

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

I say it all the time…

“That makes me angry.”

Be it you 
or him 
or her 
or them 
or that thing.

In this declaration, I’m stating that some outside thing has the power to make me angry…

…or sad
or fearful
or depressed
or jealous
or paranoid
or, well, you get it.

But this is impossible. Think about it…

If you and I are standing shoulder to shoulder in a bar and I invite the bouncer to come over and slap us in the face (open handed, of course — we don’t want any missing teeth), you are going to have a completely different experience of it than I do.

You might laugh while I might become emotionally distraught. We each have a different tolerance to pain. Some of that might have to do with our body makeup, but I know people in martial arts who’ve worked a long time on raising that pain threshold. And that all has to do with thought. They’ve let their personal story of pain go.

Only you hold the keys to the ignition of your thought.

Check this out (I’m gonna get really churchey here for a sec)...

Throw your keys to God and see what happens.

Not the God who’s ‘out there’ somewhere judging you.

I’m talking about the God who’s looking through your eyes right now. The unshakeable Presence that sits and watches your ego get mad, sad, fearful, insecure, and small.

Just ponder this and see if it agrees with you…

Pain is often the result of a story that we’ve invested in.

So, in short, ‘that’ can never really make me angry. Yes, I can allow it to make me angry. And sometimes — oddly enough — that feels better than not.

But it’s always happening in consciousness. 
Never out there.

Oh, and don’t worry… I’ll tell the bouncer to go easy on us.
I bruise easily.

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