The problem with point B

Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash

I just need help getting from point A to point B…”

I get this a lot in the work I do. But I take issue. Not with you — you’re totally fine — but with the limited way you’ve framed your mission…

Because yes, point B might be awesome. But from what I’ve seen, point B is typically a product of your past thinking. A relic of an egoic feedback loop that served your past defense mechanisms, but no longer serves the full version of you that a deep part of you wants to realize.

The problem with ‘point B’ is that it’s often more limiting than we think.

I want you to let point B go.
At least entertain it.

I want you to see point B and a half… 
Point B and three quarters… 
Point B.46576…
Point C…
And beyond.

Besides, I don’t just want you to get there, I want you to arrive more as you as you’ve ever been before.

When you let point B go — just for a moment — you allow for insight to shine through. You allow for new possibilities to emerge from the nothingness of the present moment rather than just rehashing old broken ones. And you give yourself the space to transform.

Let’s leave point B where it is for now. It’ll still be there when we get back.

The question is, will we come back? 
Or will we just keep driving?

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