All it takes is willingness

Photo by Sadman Sakib on Unsplash

When we’re consumed by them, our thoughts can seem really real. Like fish to water, we can be immersed in them without even realizing it.

But thoughts aren’t ‘real’. They’re not static, objective things. They’re made up. All of them.

So they’re pliable. 
(Enough adjectives there yet?)

However, when we’re emotionally in the thick of them, they can seem like reality. Especially when we’re pissed off.

No, no, no. THAT is the way it is. THAT’s life. F*&K!! (*Crash, bang, boom, kittens screaching*)

I know how it goes, believe me.

Anyways, we get stuck here until one of a couple things happen…

  1. We’re able to remove ourselves and get an objective glimpse of them.
  2. Someone else points them out to us.

When this happens, we can see the thought for what it is and let it go. But, as you may know, that’s easier said than done. We’re quite invested in the stances of our egos and find a sort of sick pleasure in hanging onto them no matter what the fallout. So letting them go right away isn’t always the easiest step.

All it takes is a willingness to see the non-reality of our thinking for us to make the shift into epiphany.

All it takes is a willingness to be able to do so. To know that letting that thing go is a great idea, even if we might not be able to do it in the moment. This is a fantastic start.

Then, if we can stay with that willingness, we’ll create the room for that old thought to vanish into the smoke from which it came and a new thought to take root, sprout, and grow.

That cat was just asking for it, by the way…

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