Nothing is too overwhelming for consciousness

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Our conscious awareness encompasses all of it...

From the taste of the chocolate bar hitting the back of the tongue to the sting from a bee.

From the sweet to the sour of life — all of it is embraced in our consciousness.

Everything happens in consciousness.

Consciousness rejects nothing. Only the ego does.

What if we could live firmly in this quiet space that’s bigger than anything that happens inside it?

What if we could rest strong in conscious awareness knowing we’re the witness of it all, not the obnoxious inner roommate who might be freaking out about every... Little… Thing…

Our egos are easily overwhelmed.
But who we are truly is unshakeable.

Rest in that and go forward in grace. And peace. And in the knowing that nothing is too big for you.

That even while you’re slamming your fist on the ground, there’s something behind it all calling you back to yourself, saying…

It’s okay. 
You’re okay. 
This is okay. 
And okay is all you’ll ever be.
Even when you think you’re not.

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