Our imagined emotional skin

Photo by Zé Zorzan on Unsplash

Do you carry a certain toxic emotion around with you as a sort of default setting?

Maybe it’s fear, aloneness, anger, cynicism, doubt?…

Through time, if we identify and live from this emotion enough, it can feel like it’s just a part of us.

Like a skin that we’re encased in. We move around in it and it’s the first thing people see when they look at us.

Please know this isn’t a skin of any sorts. It’s merely a thought-form you’ve become comfortable in bringing to life via your consciousness. It seems real to you. Like a thing. But it’s made of nothingness. And it can fall away as soon as you let it go and allow your awareness to recognize the moment.

There is no toxic emotion in the moment.

Even emotions that seem unwanted like sadness, anger, doubt… If they’re truly held in the moment (not because of thinking about the past or future), are actually, in a strange way, perfect.

Sadness, in the moment, heals through allowing us to deactivate. Doubt, in the moment, is consciously protective. Anger, in the moment, allows us to assert ourselves. Etc.

But if we stay with it in the moment, that emotion falls away just like any other thought does. Because we’re not constantly rehashing it. We’re letting it serve us. And then, when it does, it drifts off, and is magically replaced by a new thought-form.

What does it feel like without that skin?
Amazing, right?


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